What Does Installing Artificial Turf Cost?

When you look at the costs of maintaining your lawn or landscaping at your business or sports complex, natural grass is a cost that can be a budget buster. In an effort to cut costs, many people are looking for an alternative to all the work associated with natural grass. At Fieldmasters, we offer a choice for your landscape needs with some of the finest artificial turf the industry has to offer. The best part is it looks like natural grass without all the headaches associated with the care and feeding of a live plant – being grass. When you contrast synthetic turf with natural sod, the first thing that should come to mind is maintenance. Natural grass needs attention – constant attention – artificial turf, not so much. You don’t cut it, you don’t water it, you don’t fertilize, and you can lay it down like a carpet. Simplicity and ease of installation are certainly cost reductions over natural grass. Artificial turf doesn’t react to the elements like UV rays that will burn natural grass. The artificial turf we install stays green all year round, a bonus for the visual appeal of the property you are installing the turf at. On a cost comparison basis, artificial turf costs are dependent on many different factors (size of the area, design features, and installation requirements) similar to natural grass. But when all is said and done, artificial turf provides the best bang for your buck, as it is maintenance-free with no long-term commitment to its upkeep.


Where are you installing artificial turf?

At Fieldmasters we install artificial turf anywhere it is required. At your home, we make your field of dreams come true. The turf looks and feels like natural grass without all the work and problems associated with grass. Never weed your yard again when you work with us for residential turf requirements. In the commercial sector, we specialize in landscape design to help businesses put their best foot forward when they install our turf. For any business operator, the bottom line drives most decisions and the long-term cost of artificial turf are non-existent when compared to grass. The long-term benefits to the environment far and away exceed the expectations of any consumer. No more chemicals or fertilizers that can seep into the water table and a reduction in water use complete the greening of your commercial enterprise.

What size of artificial turf do you need?

When you are working with us at the Fieldmasters, we want to make you aware of the fact that we are a full- service turf company. What we mean by that is we can meet the needs of many disparate uses of our products. We have applied our surfaces to playgrounds, serving the interests of local governments, and help reduces costs that help keep taxes in check. No longer will your local government be obliged to water the lawn, or cut it. The best part is it stays green in less than ideal conditions and is resilient when there are weather events. Excellent drainage helps keep the playground ready to accept kids who want to ride the swings or use the slide. Every sports field where we have installed artificial turf have seen the benefits. Replacement of grass turf is a huge cost for any sports field that needs to be in excellent condition to prevent injuries to the players who use the field. Grass turf can rut, or lift, not so when using artificial turf. In your backyard, it doesn’t matter if it is the size is a postage stamp or as big as a football field, the turf we install will improve the quality of your yard and reduce your efforts to maintain it. If you are a pet parent, artificial turf for your pet turf pad is a must in your yard. Our pets are our family and we wouldn’t want to subject them to risk and hazard when they are on a natural grass lawn. Fertilizers, chemicals and any other treatments to help natural grass stay green and healthy can be a death sentence for our pets. The substances can be transferred when our pets are on the lawn and long-term exposure is where the problems will come from. Our pet-friendly turf is safe for our animal family it requires none of the servicing that natural grass does and the best part is Rover can’t dig holes in it. When our animals relieve themselves on the artificial turf it requires a quick rinse to clean it, it doesn’t burn like grass when animal urine or feces are released on it

Do you need landscaping services?

When you make the right choice, and delegate your artificial turf needs to us at Fieldmasters we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your project. It starts with an architectural landscape design created by our in-house landscape architect. Once the design is approved, we set about the task of creating the material for your project – woven strands attached to a backing that requires a deft touch to get it perfect – and we get it right every time. The last element of the project is the installation on-site. Our team of installers has many years experience and they are trained in the best practices of artificial turf installation to create the best possible outcome for your landscape retrofit. We bring a professional approach to your needs as we understand that your home, place of business or sports field is important and we can cover your world in green.

How can artificial grass save me money?

Cost containment in any sector, whether it is residential, commercial or the recreational sector is always on our minds. In light of that fact, the advantages of artificial grass far and away outweigh the cost of installation. The cost savings start when you look at the equipment you will no longer need. If you have been to any home improvement store and visited the lawn maintenance equipment section, you will see that the price of a lawnmower can be in the thousands of dollars. Once the artificial grass is installed no need for the costly, expensive mower or the fuel to run it or the maintenance to keep it running. Gardening tools become a relic for the dustbin of history when you install artificial turf – rakes, shovels, small hand tools and the like will no longer be needed as there is no work to be done with artificial turf. A natural grass lawn can take gallons of water to maintain, and if it is hot summer, it could be thousands of gallons. That comes with a price and one you can eliminate with turf. No more watering the lawn, turf stays green when the grass will burn due to UV exposure. As an added feature, artificial turf is self-cleaning, precipitation will wash away any dirt or dust or other debris that can accumulate in the strands of the turf. The turf has an excellent drainage system and water won’t pool on the turf during heavy rainstorms.

When you work with us at Fieldmasters, you are working with a company that has a stellar reputation in the turf business. For over 25-years we have been installing our turf and it shows well. Don’t take our word for it, ask the operators of Glen Abbey Golf Course, the Deerhurst Resort, Mount Tremblant or the Lavelle Rooftop Patio. They will say the same thing; the turf is excellent. And far and away exceeded their expectations for reliability and durability. The cost savings of artificial turf outpace the cost of installation and in time increase your bottom line through subtraction of the costly expense of lawn maintenance. When you want to create a new landscape for your home, office, a commercial venture or recreational facility, we at Fieldmasters will provide a wide range of expertise. It starts when you bring your ideas to our landscape architect to create a model of your new landscape project. Once we receive your approval we will commence making the turf to install and our craftsmanship is renown. The last place we excel in your project is the installation. Everything looks good on paper, but it is the practical application that is the difference between a beautiful landscape, and our installers are at the top of their profession. Make a date with us at Fieldmasters to remediate your landscape with beautiful, lush, artificial turf to cover your world. For an assessment of your landscape needs call our office today at the Fieldmasters at 416.578.2692, and one of our consultants will be at your beck and call.  

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