How Athletes Benefit from Indoor Artificial Turf

Indoor artificial turf is the perfect solution for athletes (and teams) who require consistent and on-going training throughout the year. In many parts of North America, outdoor training is just not possible with the extreme winter weather – and indoor artificial turf is the ideal option.

For athletes, synthetic indoor turf offers a soft surface that allows for a safe and pleasurable training experience. There’s much less likelihood of bruising or skin damage, and resting on the turf is much easier on the muscles. Best of all, synthetic turf is similar to outdoor grass.

Athletes can continue to train even in poor weather

With indoor artificial turf, athletes of all types can continue to train, even when the weather outside is problematic. In fact, specific synthetic turfs are actually designed for sports and fitness training, thus providing a number of benefits for athletes.

Because of its physical construction, synthetic turf drains well to minimize the chances of slipping, and therefore is a much better alternative for athletic training than training outdoors in the rain.

Athletes can maintain progress in the off season

For most athletes, the off-season is a competition-free period – but it’s not a vacation time. So indoor training during the off-season becomes an important practice period. It allows an athlete to maintain progress, without losing any momentum.

By maintaining athletic performance during the off-season, athletes have an edge – after all, it’s so much easier to stay in good shape, as opposed to getting back into shape. More than that, off-season training allows for a re-focus on existing skills.

Athletes can minimize injuries on synthetic turf

Because indoor turf doesn’t hold in moisture, there’s less chance for an athlete to slip and fall during training. As well, with a special base layer, there is enhanced shock absorption – something that protects against injuries and strain on joints.

When training on synthetic indoor turf, athletes also have the benefit of an indoor surface area that’s comfortable for stretching and warming up. Other flooring types tend to be harder and less forgiving, with the potential for unexpected falls and body injuries.

Fieldmasters can provide quality indoor turf for your training needs

In Toronto, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Fieldmasters can provide you with the high quality indoor turf to suit your needs. We do it all – from offering various design options, to installing the materials, to providing turf repair services.

At Fieldmasters, our in-house experts can help you choose the turf product that best suits the application. We pride ourselves on selling top-quality turf products and providing high quality installations – installations that are warrantied for 10 years.

In Toronto, we’ve been doing business since 1991, with customer service that is hard to match in the industry. Our entire manufacturing operation is under one roof, which allows for a very cost-effective business model that benefits our customers.

Find out more about our products and services by calling 416-578-2692 or book a personal consultation on our company website.

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