Artificial Grass: Benefits for Commercial Properties in Toronto

Artificial turf is gaining popularity amongst homeowners looking to improve the aesthetic of their yard without significant maintenance. However, artificial turf is also a great investment for businesses and commercial properties. An artificial lawn can save your business water, time and money by establishing a beautiful lawn all-year round. Well-maintained landscaping can create the perfect first impression for employees and clients alike. Without the requirement for a landscaper, watering or fertilizer, time and money can be used for other important components of your business. Artificial turf can be installed both indoors and outdoors to brighten any portion of your commercial business or office space. 

Say Goodbye to Watering Your Lawn

Unlike traditional grass and conventional lawns, artificial turf requires no watering! Grass remains lush, green and healthy with minimal to no maintenance. Simply hose down the turf occasionally to remove any dust, waste or debris that can collect in the lawn and facilitate the growth of weeds. 

Artificial Grass Requires No Pesticides or Fertilizers

Traditional grass creates a perfect environment for insects, pests and unwanted weeds to thrive. Conventional lawncare therefore requires frequent application of herbicides and pesticides to prevent the growth of insects and weeds. Artificial turf is not a suitable environment for bugs and pests and doesn’t require pesticide or herbicide treatment, saving you time and money on lawn maintenance.  

Artificial Grass is Low Maintenance

Once installed, artificial turf requires little to no maintenance. With an artificial lawn there is no need to cut, water, weed or treat the grass. A lush, green and durable lawn is easily maintained without the need for an expensive landscaper or daily lawncare routine.  

Artificial Grass is Durable

Unlike traditional grass, which can quickly become worn-out, dried-up and ugly, a synthetic lawn maintains its beautiful aesthetic for at least 15-20 years. Guaranteed quality means that you and your business never need to worry about expensive upkeep or inconvenient maintenance schedules. 

Artificial Turf is Great Indoors too!

Artificial grass looks great in both indoor and outdoor spaces to brighten even the darkest rooms or entryways. Besides the outdoor benefits listed above, installing artificial grass in your board or conference room can provide a feeling of peace and calm by evoking the outdoors during tough meetings or negotiations. It’s a fun way to liven up any client meeting and improve employee satisfaction. Public indoor spaces such as waiting rooms and reception areas can also provide a sense of relaxation with the addition of artificial turf. Many offices and commercial buildings are sterile and boring. With the addition of indoor turf, you can say a lot about your business and pleasantly surprise customers and clients. Another unique option that is gaining popularity is installing artificial turf on office walls, a pleasing design choice to inspire creativity and productivity amongst employees.

Artificial turf can help you reduce your landscaping costs, improve the aesthetic of your indoor or outdoor commercial space and boost employee morale. To install your new artificial lawn, turf wall or indoor green, contact Field Masters in Toronto. Experts in synthetic grass and landscape design, Field Masters offer a wide variety of artificial turf products. Call us today at 416-578-2692 or request a quote to purchase your durable and low maintenance artificial lawn.  

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