5 Ways to Landscape Your Yard with Residential Artificial Turf

Because of the benefits associated with residential artificial turf, more and more property owners are deciding to make the switch. Residential artificial turf is low maintenance, completely allergy-free, and with a natural look and feel. Even the most problematic terrain can become lush and natural.

Today, synthetic turf products are technologically advanced – a professional installation provides seasonal durability, long-term performance, and an upscale appearance. Once installed, there is NO mowing, NO fertilizing, and NO watering required. Artificial turf is safe and suitable for pets.

1. Blending your natural landscape with residential artificial turf

If you’re fed up with keeping your grass green and lush, then it might be time to combine your natural landscape with residential artificial turf. Artificial turf is an excellent option for property owners who want to replace their natural grass, while preserving trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Existing trees and shrubs blend seamlessly with artificial turf, without compromising effective irrigation. You can easily colour match so that everything blends together nicely. More than that, you can cut and trim the artificial turf to curve around flowerbeds, walkways, and footpaths.

2. Mixing artificial turf with a surrounding deck or interlock stone

Artificial turf is often a good solution when refinishing or updating your backyard deck. It’s an easy installation that provides a lush covering that is “barefoot-friendly. It’s also low maintenance from season to season, and a great way to enhance the look of a deck or interlocking stone.

You can also complement your existing interlock (or stepping-stones) with residential artificial turf because it can be easily trimmed and shaped to custom sizes. It’s all about good planning – starting with a good design, and professionally installing the materials to fit perfectly into place.

3. Customizing artificial turf around the trees or garden features

Today, homeowners can collaborate with a landscaping professional to create and install some beautiful artificial grass features. The fact is, artificial grass has come a long way – it’s so life-like that you can hardly tell the difference from the real grass – and there are never brown spots!

With some creativity, there is no limit to the design combinations, with existing trees, shrubs and other garden features. In many cases, there’s no need to install artificial turf over an entire lawn – the turf can be easily applied in and around flowerbeds, existing paving stones, and tree beds.

4. Installing artificial turf on the driveway for a unique aesthetic

As a unique design element, residential artificial turf can be incorporated amongst concrete slabs or interlocking stone to create a modern aesthetic for the driveway. With the right creative touch, and a professional turf installation, the entire front entryway of the home can be transformed.

Artificial turf can also be installed between natural stone to create countless patterns and forms. Here again, there is very little maintenance required to preserve a clean and modern look. For an extra edge, homeowners have the option of playful designs – any shape or contour that’s desired.

5. Creating a children’s playground paradise with artificial turf

Whether there’s a sandbox, a play zone, or an outdoor jungle gym, artificial turf can make a huge difference in surrounding the playground area. There is so little maintenance required, even after a rainstorm. And with built in durability, the kids can play all types of sports without damage.

For homeowners who want a playground (or recreational backyard) that’s maintenance free, artificial turf is the best answer. Once professionally installed, the surface is easy to clean when required, and never needs to be cut or watered. Best of all, the surface area is safe for pets.

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If you’re genuinely fed up with watering, fertilizing, or annual maintenance, artificial turf from Fieldmasters is the answer. Our synthetic grass products will eliminate any need for irrigation, aerating, mowing, or fertilizing.

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