Indoor Putting Green: The Perfect Holiday Gift

When the holiday season arrives, finding that perfect gift can be stressful. You always want it to be special, but sometimes gift ideas are hard to pin down. Here’s a new one – an indoor putting green – the ideal gift for every golfer – and especially when the golf season is long gone.

Businessman with indoor golf putting green
Photo by Pixababy

With an indoor putting green, any golf enthusiast can continue to practice throughout the winter. It’s a great to help them continue to develop their skills, and to avoid the snow and chill. Best of all, having a high quality putting green at home is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

At-Home Golf Course

Creating an at-home golf course in your loved one’s games room allows for an interactive experience to practice their game and have some fun at the same time. Depending on available space, you can install artificial turf throughout an entire basement or just a large room. For the family, everyone can benefit – from adult practice time to play time with the kids. And with the right turf product, it’s possible to stash everything away when it’s not in use.

Indoor Mini Putting Green

Designed especially for family-friendly fun, an indoor mini-putt course is a gift that brings hours and hours of entertainment to children and adults alike. Beyond the fun, younger children can start to develop golf skills, while more experienced golfers can continue to work on their game, even through the off-season. Because we spend so much time indoors throughout the winter, a putting green is the ideal installation. It’s also a popular feature for family entertaining. 

Winter Putting Drill Practice

If you’re shopping for an avid golfer, you can help them practice their skills throughout the winter with an indoor putting drill course. Indoor artificial grass turf can be custom-fit into shapes and sizes that fit a variety spaces (and your difficulty level). With the gift of an indoor putting drill, the golfer on your list can surprise their peers with their improved speed and accuracy when golf season picks back up in the spring. It’s also great preparation before heading off to a winter golf destination.

For the Gamer Golfer

Many golf enthusiasts enjoy using golf simulators during the off-season. Installing artificial turf to compliment their golf simulator or video game set-up is a the perfect gift to amplify their at-home golfing experience. By pairing an indoor putting green with a video game simulator it’s easy to realistically mimic the feel of the golf course, and get really invested in their virtual reality golf adventures. Here again, it’s an ideal opportunity for off-season training and skills development, and makes for an easier transition come spring. 

Give the Gift of Fieldmasters Indoor Putting Green

For any golfer on your holiday shopping list, Fieldmasters can help you decide on the perfect indoor putting green gift. We do it all – from design concept to finished installation. It’s a unique and affordable way to help your friends and family continue “golfing” in the off-season. Find out more by calling one of our artificial turf experts at 416-578-2692 and booking a personal appointment. Or – visit our website at to check out our products and schedule a consultation!

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