Last Minute Fall Landscaping Turf Ideas

With winter around the corner, it might seem late in the year, but you still have time to install landscaping turf. Best of all, your lawn and garden will be perfect when the snow melts in spring.

Landscape turf doesn’t die in winter, so the fall isn’t a bad time to design and install a whole new look. And today, you don’t have to just blanket your lawn with artificial turf – you can choose a host of designs and layouts to dramatically change the surrounding landscape of your home.

Artificial grass (often referred to as landscape turf) has a history of application in sports venues, playgrounds, and public spaces. In recent years, it’s also become popular for residential purposes. Clearly, it’s different than a natural grass lawn, but today’s products very closely approximate the look and feel of real grass. The good news is that landscaping turf offers a long list of benefits – there’s virtually no maintenance; it’s durable for foot traffic; and perfect for children and pets.

Artificial turf between patio stones

Artificial turf has come quite a long way over the years. It’s not that green plastic material from years ago – it’s now a good-looking, low maintenance option for many landscaping needs around the home. Whether you live in a drought-prone region, or you’re just looking to landscape a very shady area of the yard, there are some beautiful design options where artificial turf can be used.

Artificial turf with patio stone inlay. Photo courtesy of

Artificial turf can be incorporated into a wide range of landscaping applications. Using artificial turf along with patio stones opens up many possibilities for a patio area, a walkway, and even for a nice accent around a pool. Whatever the pattern, and whatever the combination of stone and turf, you’ve created landscaping that requires no watering, no mowing, and no maintenance.

With some good design sense, you can create a customized look to suit the size and shape of your yard. You can choose a “grid” pattern that creates stepping-stones to an existing patio. You can create a design that combines paver stones and turf to surround a swimming pool. The benefit of this approach is that paver stones and turf provide a natural looking landscape, without the maintenance. 

Unique trim along a flowerbed and/or garden

Even garden purists are realizing the benefits of artificial grass. Simply put, artificial grass and flowerbeds make for a great combination. For a start, the edges of a flowerbed remain defined all year round, regardless of the weather. As well, there’s no danger of damaging any flowers with a lawn mower. And best of all, there’s no watering required, no fertilizing, and no edge trimming.  

Artificial turf garden trim.
Artificial turf garden trim. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

In areas where a garden does not get enough sunshine, artificial grass keeps everything looking green and vibrant. And while the cost of artificial turf around a flowerbed is additional, there’s no long-term maintenance required, making for a worthwhile investment. When it comes to design options, there are no limits when combining artificial turf with existing flowerbeds and gardens.  

Installing a good quality turf product will ensure proper drainage for rainwater into the natural ground. This is also beneficial when the winter snow melts as spring approaches. The important thing is to work with a reliable company that provides high quality products, and high quality installation. This will guarantee that the materials are properly applied to suit the conditions.

Landscape turf in seating areas on patios/decks

Beyond the typical landscaping applications, artificial grass is an ideal surface covering for patios and decks. It can be installed right on concrete or other hard surfaces, and can transform the look and feel of the space. In short, it will feel much like real grass, creating a comfortable seating area. With little or no maintenance, a leaf blower is all you need to remove debris and dirt from the patio or deck. More than that, there are no seasonal restrictions to think of with artificial grass.

Outdoor seating area with artificial turf foundation
Outdoor living area with artificial turf installation. Photo courtesy of Pinterest Australia.

For apartment dwellers, artificial turf provides a “grassy” experience on an outdoor balcony or patio deck. In fact, this material can be easily installed as more of a “grassy” area rug to fit.

If you have a rooftop garden area, artificial grass will be consistently lush all year round. You can create a comfortable seating to suit the space, without worrying about any drainage issues. 

Whatever the application, artificial grass has a way of enhancing the look and livability of any patio or deck. The upfront investment makes for many years of usage and associated benefits.

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