Signs it’s Time to Schedule Indoor Turf Repair

Artificial turf technician hammering a nail into seam to secure turf

If you’re operating a commercial facility with indoor artificial turf, you’re likely quite satisfied with the reliability and low-maintenance features. But over time, routine wear and tear can contribute to damages that may require turf repair.

Artificial turf grass is designed to provide years of durability and resilience. But it’s no different than other physical assets – and from time to time, you may need turf repair. Beyond repairs, years of use can cause stretching/contracting.

Depending on your specific application, indoor turf can be damaged from general wear and tear. There may be ripped areas – there may be surface damage – and there may even be areas that are simply worn-out and ready for repair.

Signs your indoor artificial turf needs repairs

While indoor turf is quality-manufactured for longevity, ongoing usage can contribute to aging over the years. Even with regular care, you may notice some telltale signs that require attention.

  • loose inlays that may pose a tripping hazard
  • splitting and/or shedding of the turf fibres
  • specific areas with noticeable dulling colour inlays that are more significantly worn out
  • infill areas that have displaced/compacted

Fieldmasters offers you quality synthetic turf repairs

With Fieldmasters, you can be sure of high-quality, warranty-backed repairs to your artificial turf in Toronto. We specialize in commercial indoor turf – including office spaces, indoor sports fields, and even indoor putting greens.

We install a variety synthetic grasses, and are a leader in commercial artificial turf. With our DURAPlay technology, we can easily target a specific repair issue, and identify areas that could pose potential future problems.

Preventive maintenance is the key to longevity with artificial grass. But making necessary repairs is also required – it will avoid having to make major repairs down the line and even avert any full replacement requirements.

Fieldmasters provides all types of indoor turf repair 

Fieldmasters has been installing and repairing indoor artificial turf since 1991. In a commercial space, there are certainly times when repairs will be necessary – it’s particularly true in a sports field where shabby turf can interfere negatively with sports performance.

One of the benefits of high quality artificial turf is its resiliency. While the surface is very difficult to damage, it’s not indestructible. And over time, there might be some evident signs that repairs are needed. This is where it makes good sense to undertake repairs ASAP.

With artificial turf, not all damages are noticeable or even visible. Sometimes, artificial turf will stretch and/or contract depending on a number of different factors. Needless to say, after years and years of wear and tear, small damage repairs are practically inevitable.

The experts at Fieldmasters can repair and renew your artificial turf regardless of the damage. Our installers can do it all – from inlay repairs, to seam repairs, to spot reinstallation. Bottom line, we’ll make it right again, and restore the overall physical aesthetic to new.

Count on Fieldmasters to make the highest quality turf repairs

Whether your facility’s indoor turf is damaged, torn, or noticeably overused, Fieldmasters can make the repairs to your artificial turf in Toronto. Our commercial customers, both indoor and outdoor, include all types of sports fields, playgrounds, and golf courses.

To find out more about our special repair services, call 416-578-2692 directly, and speak with one of our artificial turf experts. You can also visit our website at to book an appointment or arrange for a personal project consultation. 

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