Indoor/Outdoor Sports Turf


For indoor and outdoor artificial sports turf in Toronto, Fieldmasters installs DURAPlay® Sports Turf – a proprietary product line with the highest standard of quality that satisfies even the most discerning of customers. We customize every space to meet the specific requirements of each client. Our customization includes fiber type; pile height; face weight; and even specific colours. Depending on the application, we can incorporate permanent sports lines and custom logos.

If you’re searching for indoor and outdoor artificial sports turf in Toronto, you’ll find the highest quality products at Fieldmasters. Our focus is on the best quality materials on the market along with superior installation services – you just let us know about the space and we’ll do the rest. Our line of products is durable, versatile, and economical. More importantly, our artificial sports turf products look and feel just like natural grass, enhancing the aesthetics of any landscape.


Our extensive line of turf solutions includes sports turf specifically designed for tennis court and bocce applications. We manufacture tennis court kits that are designed for grass court and clay court applications. These standard kits, with permanent tufted lines, make great surfaces over an existing court, concrete, asphalt or compacted stone.


All DURAPlay® Leisure products are constructed from the highest quality polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon fibers available and are perfect for:


DURAPLay® Mats and tee line products are great for golf, baseball and softball. Constructed with nylon or polypropylene fibers. DURAPlay® Mats provide both comfort and durability:

  • Pitching Mats
  • Home Plate Mats
  • Batters Mats
  • On Deck Circles
  • Driving Ranges
  • Tee Lines


What is artificial turf?

Artificial turf is manufactured from man-made fibres and looks very much like real grass. It’s used in any space that requires an alternative to real grass, so it’s an ideal option for all types of sports surfaces. Fieldmasters installs the highest quality indoor and outdoor artificial sports turf in Toronto. Our grasses don’t require much maintenance – the artificial turf needs no watering, no fertilizing, and no mowing. For practice fields, public parks, and special sports facilities, we install DURAPlay® Sports Turf. Everything is custom installed, designed to last for the long term.

  • Indoor football fields and soccer fields
  • Multi-purpose surfaces and practice fields
  • Public parks and public recreation fields
  • Batting cages and specialty sports facilities

What’s under artificial turf?

Artificial turf is very versatile when it comes to installation – it can be laid down on a wide range of surfaces. The important thing is to ensure a firm sub-base. This is probably the most critical component of installation. For professionals like Fieldmasters, installation includes a substantial sub-base and various membranes that will ensure optimal performance for many years to come. Laying down turf on an unstable surface will inevitably cause the turf to shift. That’s exactly why professional installation is preferred – this is a project that attains better results when done right.

Is “Astro Turf” the same as artificial turf?

Astro Turf is simply the brand name of an artificial turf product. As it is, Astro Turf has actually become a generic name for artificial turf – just like Kleenex has become a generic name for tissues. Astro Turf, like all other brands of artificial grass, is used as an alternative to real grass, when routine maintenance is problematic or difficult. At Fieldmasters, our product-of-choice is DURAPlay® Sports Turf – an ideal installation for tennis courts and bocce ball courts. This product can be easily installed over existing courts, concrete surfaces, and compacted stone.

How long does synthetic grass last?

Synthetic grass is advertised to deliver about 20 years of lifespan. This is an industry standard and reflects a reliable average. Many companies will provide a guarantee for a period of 10 years, although the expectation is for the product to last much longer. Clearly, the lifespan will depend on the quality of the product, on the volume of traffic, and on the recommended maintenance. A high quality synthetic grass should not fade or flatten, and should retain colour year after year. Following manufacturer-recommended maintenance will ensure long life and performance.

Can you put artificial grass on dirt?

If there’s no sign of vegetation, then artificial grass can be put right on top of it. However, there’s still preparation required, and a weekend DIY approach will not suffice. With artificial grass, there’s a need to dig and level, as well as provide appropriate drainage. Expert installers do it right, because anything less will compromise long term performance and create potential problems. If you’re looking for indoor and outdoor artificial sports turf in Toronto, it’s best to work with professionals – and at Fieldmasters installations are warrantied for 10 years.

For the best quality artificial sports turf – choose Fieldmasters 

If you’re looking for indoor and outdoor artificial sports turf in Toronto, Fieldmasters can do it all – from installation to repairs to replacement. We specialize in a product line called DURAFlo E.E.B.S® (Environmentally Engineered Backing System). This is an environmentally friendly synthetic turf, which offers customers a sustainable option for a variety of sports spaces.

Fieldmasters artificial sports turf is designed to stay dry – it’s specially engineered to allow water and other liquids to drain into the ground. This proprietary drainage system is simply essential in a sports facility, where it’s impossible to operate when the surface is wet. Our exclusive artificial sports turf product stays odour-free, bacteria-free, and mould-free under the most severe conditions.

In addition to DURAPlay® Sports Turf, Fieldmasters also offers turf products for playgrounds, public recreation areas, and even residential backyards. These are allergy-free surfaces that offer additional benefits to athletes and children who may be allergic to real grass. Our artificial turf meets industry standards, with proven performance in many indoor and outdoor applications.

With artificial sports turf, there’s never a need for watering, fertilizing, or regular maintenance. Our synthetic grass products don’t need any mowing or aerating – and for the most part, the finished surface needs no extensive maintenance. Facility owners who have installed artificial turf have found a cost-effective alternative to real grass, with excellent return-on-investment.

At Fieldmasters, we do it all – from repairs and replacement, to design and installation. Our full service design team will help you to choose the right product and ensure the proper installation. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, we’ll combine creativity and functionality, while working within your budget. After 500,000 square feet of installed grass, we know our business.

We’ve been in business since 1991, and have been providing customers with quality products that are unparalleled in the industry. Today, we have integrated our entire manufacturing under one roof – a cost-effective and service-oriented approach to benefit our customers. Find out more about our products and services at 416-578-2692 or visit our website at .


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