Pet Turf 

When you are a pet parent, you are responsible for a great many things – care and feeding, shelter, humane treatment, and love that a pet needs. In return, the pet parent enjoys a great relationship with an animal – doesn’t matter what type of pet you parent, you get the same feelings of joy and satisfaction. As with our children, our pets need to be protected from risk and harm and one of the biggest problems is just outside our doors. Our lawns can be dangerous for our pets, if we have grass and use fertilizer or other chemicals to keep the lawn green and weed free, those chemicals, in turn, could cause serious injury to our pets. That’s why you need to talk to us at the Fieldmasters. We provide the last in technology to provide a green artificial turf lawn that will be safe for pets, and it comes virtually maintenance free. The DURAflo backing we use is environmentally friendly and antimicrobial.

Advantages of installing Fieldmasters Pet Turf

  •   Safe
  •   Very durable
  •   Best quality yarn system
  •   Maximum drainage
  •   Lead-free
  •   Green, as in environmental

We know you love your pets, and so do we at Fieldmasters – creating the best possible environment for an outdoor pet is what will do we when you contact us to upgrade your existing yard. It all starts with the right mix of materials, then we evaluate the installation technique needed based on the type of animal, then we develop a maintenance schedule to keep your pet paradise in pristine condition.

Considerations when installing Pet Turf

  •  Animal size
  •  Area to cover or the size of the dog run
  •  The amount of time a pet spends on the pet turf
  •  Security measures for misbehaving animals
  •  Personal choice

Safety for your pet is our greatest concern when we at Fieldmasters install your pet turf. Our product contains no dangerous chemicals, needs no fertilizer and drains quickly when the rain comes. Because our turf is artificial, there is no need for pesticides to eradicate weeds and that is an excellent form of protection for the pet. If your pet has been known to relieve him or herself on the lawn, pet turf drains the liquid and no odours linger afterward.

Benefits of installing Pet Turf for pets and parents

  •  If your pet likes to dig or scratch into the lawn, the make-up of the pet turf will deter this activity.
  •  Pet waste, like feces or urine, will damage a lawn – pet turf is resistant to this problem, and is anti-microbial. Bacteria won’t linger and odours will non-existent.
  •  Daily wear and tear through use is thing of the past with pet turf. In contrast, the natural grass will fold and mat under foot traffic of kids and animals and it could kill the lawn with overuse
  •  Pet turf is extremely resilient under heavy use. This comes from the materials we use that eco-pet-and family-friendly.
  •  You will never have to perform maintenance again or replace a piece of sod that Rover has somehow ripped up.

Many people are making the switch to artificial turf for a number of reasons like water shortages, chemical concerns (fertilizers/pesticides) and the overall costs to maintain a natural lawn. Many business and local municipalities are installing artificial turf as a means to reduce water consumption and the costs associated with grounds maintenance. No more aerating, lawn cutting, fertilizing or the spraying of pesticides when you install artificial turf.


Can dogs pee and poop on fake grass?

The answer is yes. Artificial turf can be rinsed off after an animal has ‘done their business’ and will absorb no materials that could cause a stain.

Is turf pet-friendly? What is the best fake grass for dogs?

At Fieldmasters, we use the best product on the market, DURAflo as a backing for our synthetic grass. It is an eco-friendly product that isn’t harmful to kids, adults or pets and is made from recycled materials.

What is DURAFlo E.E.B.S®

  • It is a backing system that we apply to all of our synthetic turf and it comes to market as the greenest of all backing systems. It is 100 percent recyclable – it will never end up in a landfill, made with eco-friendly materials that won’t hurt pets or family members. Our turf systems look and feel like natural grass and would be a definite upgrade on whatever you have now at your commercial or residential property. This product is the highest-quality material available and we are proud to supply it to our customer base.
  • The material is durable and lightweight contains no fossil fuels, and it is a limited waste manufacturing process.
  • All of our DURAflo turf is lead-free and is made in a lead-free manufacturing process. High-grade synthetics (polymers) that provide superior performance, a completely natural look, that is environmentally sustainable is what this product is
  • When you purchase our product, we want to assure that it will last a lifetime. The turf has been treated to resist all forms of weather from extreme cold to extreme hot, this new piece of artificial turf will stand up to anything you can throw at it.
  • The turf comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, it looks great once it is installed and is odour-free if you have pets that deposit feces or urine on the turf.

How much does it cost for artificial grass?

There are factors that will come into play when you decide the time is right to install artificial turf that you buy from us at Fieldmasters. It all starts with a free quote and consultation at your home. Once we have all the details we can make our recommendations that will free you from lawn maintenance forever. Certainly, upfront costs could be a concern, but balance the costs against the savings on lawn maintenance, water bills and most importantly the value you add to your property when you install artificial turf at your home or commercial venture.

Our company, Fieldmasters has been committed to helping property owners solve their landscaping issues with synthetic grass since 1991. We use only the best products to create the highest-quality turf products on the market. Our clients come from all areas of the community, homeowners, commercial interests, golf course, kids’ playgrounds and more. Our product is 100 percent recyclable and one of the economical options for landscaping you will ever be associated with.
Get away from yard work when you call us today for a free estimate and consultation at Fieldmasters at 416.578.2692.

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