Playground Turf

Playground Turf

Our eco-friendly turf products are the perfect solution for backyards, playgrounds, day care facilities and community play areas. Our systems are designed to meet ASTM & IPEMA fall height requirements up to 12 feet and can be installed to meet many types of safety guidelines. Products with Heat Reduction (HR) technology are available.

Perfect for the following applications:

  • Commercial Playgrounds
  • Backyard play areas
  • Day Cares & Schools
  • Parks and Common Areas

For the best quality playground turf choose Fieldmasters

Fieldmasters playground turf is the ideal application for playgrounds, day care facilities, public play areas, and even your own backyard. Our company has been in business since 1991, and we’ve been providing our customers with quality products that are unmatched in the industry.

Our eco-friendly turf meets industry standards and can be installed to satisfy a range of safety guidelines. Fieldmasters playground turf has proven performance in a wide range of applications:

  •  public space playgrounds
  •  residential backyard areas
  •  daycares and public schools
  •  community parks/gardens

With artificial turf, there’s never any concern about watering, fertilizers, or regular maintenance. At Fieldmasters, our synthetic grass products eliminate any requirement for irrigating, mowing, and aerating – this artificial turf is an entirely maintenance-free alternative to natural grass.

Can you put artificial grass on dirt?

Without any source of surface vegetation growing, artificial grass can be installed on top of dirt. However, there is much preparation required, and this is not the right time for a DIY approach. With digging, and leveling, and drainage, this is work best left to professionals. Amongst other priorities, playground turf requires a proper drainage system – anything short will compromise performance and create problems for the future. This product must be professionally installed.

How much does playground turf cost?

Artificial turf is an investment in the long-term. While there are upfront costs, these are offset by the material savings from year to year. The cost of a project depends on the product, the size of the space, and installation. Once the project is complete, there are no cumulative costs - no costs for watering, no costs for gardening, and no costs for fertilizer. Fieldmasters can provide both a property consultation and price quote, all based on the specific physical needs of the property.

What is the safest playground material?

Artificial grass is a safe and harmless recreation surface that is industry compliant and consistent with national safety standards. In a playground environment, children still enjoy a “grassy” play space without the worry of harsh chemicals that are found in pesticides or fertilizers. Complete with safe “fall” zones, artificial playground turf provides effective shock absorption without any potential for bacteria, mold, or mildew. Artificial turf will provide all of the benefits of real grass.

What is playground turf?

Artificial turf is fabricated from man-made fibres to look like real grass. Used in sports fields as an alternative to grass, artificial turf is an ideal option for public playgrounds and community play areas. Fieldmasters installs artificial turf that has a natural look and feel. Our grasses require minimal maintenance, with no need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing. In playgrounds, we can install a variety of products, and custom-tailor the installation to meet specifications.

Is artificial turf better than real grass?

Garden lawns (both residential and commercial) are aesthetic, even with some emotional “value”. With artificial grass, a number of environmental concerns are addressed when compared to real grass. Playground turf requires no watering, no cutting, and no fertilizer. Life expectancy is excellent, and aesthetic value is equal to real grass. There are many options for texture and colour as well.

With advanced product development, the new generation of “man-made” grass will fool most people when comparing to real grass. Homeowners and commercial property owners get benefit from very little maintenance, no requirement for watering, and no issues with animals/insects. The best part, as many customers report, is that artificial turf looks fabulous throughout the year.

Many benefits to artificial turf

For public playgrounds or residential backyards, the benefits of artificial turf surpass natural grass. Artificial turf is a cost effective, long-term investment, with benefits that are long lasting.

Minimal maintenance

Minimal maintenance means more saved time and costs – a primary benefit of artificial grass.

No water collection

With proper irrigation, any excess surface water is drained away, without pooling or puddling.

No unsightly stains

With artificial grass turf, there are no unpleasant grass stains or mud stains on clothes/shoes.

No more bare areas

Artificial turf is resilient, resisting any surface pressures and bouncing back to original position.

No fading or wilting

Artificial turf will not fade, wilt, or die like grass – the colour and texture will remain perpetual.

Safe for everyone

Artificial turf does not contain harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals – ideal in playgrounds.

Great in high-traffic

Artificial grass turf is durable in very high traffic areas, and resists wear and tear extremely well.

Why choose Fieldmasters for playground turf?

Fieldmasters has been in business for over 25 years, and today, has integrated all manufacturing under one roof. We produce environmentally sustainable products, we use little fossil fuels, and our products are manufactured to be recyclable.

At Fieldmasters, we are committed to high quality products and excellent customer service. From local playgrounds to commercial buildings, we offer our customers over forty styles of turf (each product can be customized to suit specific needs). Find out more by calling 416-578-2692 or visit our company website at

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