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Outdoor and Indoor Putting Green in Toronto

Fieldmasters artificial grass is designed to simulate natural grass – without any damage to the environment, and at a fraction of the maintenance cost. We offer a variety of Fieldmasters grasses, with custom installations to suit your specific golf application (including indoor use). If you’re shopping for outdoor and indoor putting green in Toronto, contact the experts at Fieldmasters.

Fieldmasters offers high quality outdoor and indoor putting green in Toronto

At Fieldmasters, we do everything under one roof – from design, to installation, to repairs, to replacement. We have a full-service design team to help you choose the right product for your application and ensure the highest quality installation. Whether it’s a private golf facility or a public recreation space, we combine creativity and functionality with every artificial grass project.

What is artificial turf?

Artificial turf (artificial grass) is fabricated from factory-made fibre so that it looks and performs like real grass. Fieldmasters installs artificial turf in areas that require an alternative to real grass – an ideal option for all types of recreational areas as well as sports facilities. Our artificial grass does not require much maintenance – no mowing, no watering, and no fertilizing required. Our proprietary grass products are the perfect answer for putting greens and driving range surfaces.

Can you put artificial grass on dirt?

If there’s nothing growing, synthetic grass can be installed on dirt. However, preparation is still required and a professional install is preferred over a do-it-yourself install. With artificial grass, the ground must be leveled, and appropriate drainage must be provided. Expert installers ensure long-term performance without any potential problems. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, it’s better to work with professionals – and Fieldmasters installations come with a 10 warranty.

How much is artificial putting green?

With artificial putting green, there are definitely upfront costs. However, the significant annual cost savings do offset these costs. Project cost depends on the artificial grass product, the size of each putting green, and the custom installation. Once installed, there are no more costs – not for watering, for gardening, or for fertilizing. For outdoor and indoor putting green in Toronto, the team at Fieldmasters can provide you with a project consultation and competitive price quote.

What is the best artificial grass for putting green?

The fact is, every artificial grass product will have its pros and cons. What’s important is to shop for quality – and with Fieldmasters you’re assured of a proprietary product line that delivers the highest standard of quality. If you’re shopping for outdoor and indoor putting green in Toronto, Fieldmasters can provide a fully customized approach, including your choice of fiber; face weight; pile height; and colour. From design, to preparation, to installation, we do it all from end to end.

The benefits of artificial turf

Providing the highest quality outdoor and indoor putting green in Toronto, Fieldmasters installs DURAFlo E.E.B.S® (Environmentally Engineered Backing System). DURAFlo is environmentally friendly, and offers facility owners a synthetic turf for a variety of golf (and sports) applications.

  • DURAFlo artificial turf is designed to stay dry
  • DURAFlo allows liquids to drain into the ground
  • DURAFlo is odour-free and remains bacteria-free
  • DURAFlo is an allergy-free/mould-free surface
  • DURAFlo requires no watering or fertilizing
  • DURAFlo doesn’t need any mowing or aerating

With DURAFlo, golf facility owners and managers have discovered an artificial grass that’s a viable alternative to real grass – a cost-effective install with outstanding return-on-investment.

Driving Range Tees

Driving range tees require a synthetic turf that can withstand much stress over time. Ultimate Tee is our heaviest product and the most durable grass we manufacture.

Why Choose Fieldmasters for Artificial Putting Green?

We have been in business for over 25 years, providing customers with artificial turf products that are unequalled in the industry. Today, our entire manufacturing process is under one roof – it’s a cost-effective and customer-oriented approach that benefits our customers in many ways. With golf-related grass products growing in popularity, Fieldmasters is your one-stop product source.

If you’re considering artificial putting green (indoor or outdoor application), Fieldmasters has a product to suit your specific needs. Our DURAFlo product minimizes problems like wrinkling and instability, while blocking moisture absorption. As for separation from the underlying foundation base, our proprietary product is superior when compared with competitive backing systems.

At Fieldmasters, our focus is on providing the best quality artificial grass on the market. As an alternative to real grass, our products are versatile, durable, and cost effective. More importantly, our artificial turf is very much like natural grass – it’s the perfect application for enhancing the aesthetics of any outdoor or indoor space. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll do the rest.

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