Residential & Commercial Landscape Turf

Residential And Commercial Landscape Turf

Even the most challenging terrain can look like a lush oasis with Fieldmasters Grass. With a natural look and feel, our products are technologically advanced synthetic turf systems that are engineered for durability, performance and appearance.

  • Easy installation
  • No mowing
  • No watering
  • No fertilizing
  • Great for pets

For the highest quality artificial landscape turf – it’s Fieldmasters

Fieldmasters artificial landscape turf is unequaled in the synthetic turf industry. We’ve been in the business since 1991, providing Canadian customers with the highest-quality artificial turf. We have customers in every corner of the market – from golf courses, to residential landscaping, to public playgrounds. Wherever we install, our products are highly durable, versatile, and safe.

If you have concerns about watering, environmental worries, or issues with chemical fertilizers, then Fieldmasters artificial landscape turf is the answer. In fact, more and more homeowners and business owners are opting for our products. Our synthetic grass completely eliminates the need for irrigation, mowing, fertilizing, and aerating – it’s simply a maintenance free approach to turf.

What is artificial turf grass?

Artificial landscape turf is a surface application fabricated from synthetic fibres that look like real, natural grass. Most often, artificial turf is used in sports facilities that require grass for play. But today, more and more residential lawns and commercial grasses are being replaced with artificial turf. The reason is simple – turf is resilient and needs no irrigation or maintenance.

Our grasses have a natural look and feel, all designed and fabricated to simulate natural grass. With exceptional performance and appearance, our grasses require very little maintenance and will not damage the surrounding environment. We offer a range of artificial turf products, with materials that can be custom-tailored for specific applications – both indoor and outdoor.

Is artificial turf better than real grass?

Garden lawns (both residential and commercial) are aesthetic, even with some emotional “value”. With artificial grass, a number of environmental concerns are addressed when compared to natural grass. Artificial landscape turf requires no watering, no cutting, and no fertilizer. Life expectancy is excellent, and aesthetic value is equal to real grass. In addition, there are many options for colour and texture to choose from.

With advanced product development, the new generation of “man-made” grass will fool most people when comparing to natural grass. Homeowners and commercial property owners get benefit from very little maintenance, no requirement for watering, and no issues with animals/insects. The best part, as many customers report, is that artificial turf looks fabulous throughout the year.

How much does an artificial lawn cost?

By any definition, an artificial lawn is a long-term investment – with upfront costs that are offset by cost savings year after year. Total cost will depend on the product chosen, the size of the area, and installation costs. The good news is that once the project has been completed, there are no costs whatsoever – no cost for seasonal watering, no cost for gardening, and no cost for fertilizer.

With natural grass, there are seasonal costs – particularly in maintaining a luscious and luxurious

lawn. Costs would include watering, mowing, and fertilizing (not to mention seasonal cleanup). For a precise idea of overall costs, Fieldmasters offers a comprehensive property consultation, at which time an accurate price quote can be prepared based on the physical needs of the property.

The Benefits of Artificial Turf

For many property owners, the benefits of artificial turf will surpass conventional, natural grass. Installing artificial turf should be viewed as a long-term cost investment, with long-term benefits.

No maintenance required

Minimal maintenance is a time saving and cost saving benefit of installing artificial grass turf.

No water accumulation

With proper irrigation channels, excess water is drained away, prevent pooling and puddling.

No nasty grass stains

With artificial turf, there are no more unsightly grass stains or mud stains on clothing or shoes.

No more bare spots

Extremely resilient, artificial turf resists surface pressures, bouncing back into original position.

Shade is no problem

Artificial turf does not fade or die like grass – colour and texture remain constant year round.

Safe for pets & people

Once fully installed, artificial turf contains no harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or toxic chemicals.

Great for high-traffic

Artificial turf stands up well to high volume foot traffic, while resisting regular wear and tear.

Drought resistant

The only water required with artificial turn is occasional rinsing to prevent the buildup of dust.

Why choose Fieldmasters for artificial landscape turf?

Having been in business for more than 25 years, Fieldmasters has integrated all manufacturing components under one roof. We use very little fossil fuels in our manufacturing process, and our products are fabricated to be highly recyclable.

Because of our commitment to product quality and customer service, we are one of the most respected and trusted companies in the industry. We offer more than forty different styles of turf and are able to produce custom specifications. Find out more about Fieldmasters by calling 416-578-2692 or by visiting our company website at - and find out more about our comprehensive 10 year product warranty.

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