Keeping Pet Turf Clean

Once your new artificial grass has been installed, it looks great – even after your dog has started to “enjoy” the new environment. If your artificial turf is being exclusively used for pets, there will be some maintenance required. The bigger question with pet turf is how to keep it nice and clean.

With pet turf, a number of questions come up regarding cleanup. What are the best products to use for the most effective results? How often should the artificial surface be cleaned? Is there a different approach for liquid waste vs. solid waste? Bottom line, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Dog enjoying outdoor pet turf
Pet dog enjoying outdoor pet turf. Photo courtesy of

In general, pet owners quickly discover how much their dogs love the artificial grass. Everything looks and behaves like real grass, regardless of the size of the space. Needless to say, the natural tendency for most dogs is to go to the bathroom. For some, this is the designated outdoor space.

How to Deal with Solid Pet Waste

If you’re using artificial grass exclusively as pet turf, it’s preferable to take immediate action with cleanup. Solid waste in particular should be cleaned up as soon as possible. This eliminates the need for deep cleaning down the line, and clearly minimizes any odours or lingering smells.

As a pet owner, you’re probably accustomed to cleaning up after a regular dog walk, even more than once a day – so the idea of an immediate clean up and disposal is not foreign. The same thing applies to artificial grass, where any residual solid waste should be removed immediately.

With solid waste, there will likely be some leftovers on the artificial grass. This can be sprayed off with water so it dissipates, or simply wiped clean with a moist paper towel. If the solid waste has dried up, it should be removed completely, and the lawn should be rinsed with fresh, clean water.

Cleaning Liquid Waste from Pet Turf

Handling pet urine requires a different approach than solid waste. In most cases, artificial grass allows fluids (including urine) to flow right through the grass for drainage. As such, there should be NO lingering odour coming from your lawn. If there is, a gentle water rinse should do the trick.

In general, dog waste (whether it’s urine or poop) will not measurably damage the artificial grass, or discolour the surface. Even leftover poop or urine that has been overlooked will not harm the lawn. Good general maintenance and consistency will keep the lawn looking like brand new.

In terms of routine maintenance the less pet waste there is the less maintenance is required. For pet owners who rely on artificial grass specifically for their pets, there may be some installation add-ons to consider – like a pre-installed deodorizer or a membrane to promote air circulation.

Types of Cleaners to Use on Pet Turf

Keeping your artificial lawn free of pet waste and other debris is key for the longevity of the lawn. As for routine cleaning, especially when it comes to pet-related maintenance, it’s good to contact your installer to make sure that you aren’t using cleaning products that could void the warranty.

In general, it’s advisable to spray clean water before using any cleaning products. This will loosen waste and debris, allowing the cleaning products to be more efficient. While there are a host of commercial cleaning products out there, “water and vinegar” is a very popular option for many.

Because of the composition of artificial grass, most installers recommend the “all natural way” for combatting odour and bacteria that’s associated with pet waste. There are commercial products to use, however, natural products are going to be safe for pets, children and the environment. 

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